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You know the saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Wrong!

If you do what you truly love, it’s more likely you’re working harder than ever before. We see our friends and colleagues putting extraordinary time, sweat and good ol’ fashioned hard work with their breweries and businesses. Which is why we started Craft Media Solutions.

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We know that dedication extends well past the craft beer world. It’s the same enthusiasm that drives artists, restaurateurs and chefs, writers and designers and non-profit organizations to act on their vision. Craft Media Solutions offers these business owners the design and marketing tools necessary for a successful presence both online and offline.

This means custom solutions for each client – no cookie-cutter approach. It means working together to develop the right marketing strategy without compromising the beauty and quality of brand design. A successful campaign connects you to the right media partners, web designers, photographers, or vendors to support your company’s vision and increase your brand’s awareness; ultimately bringing customers to your doorstep.

Through our relationships and partnerships we offer the services to get you where you need to go, all in one place. We’ll work to understand your company’s challenges, and together develop a plan to reach your goals. Focus on running your business – leave the rest to us.

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Nick Gingold, Owner

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Kelly Erickson, Owner

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