Google’s new algorithm affecting non-mobile websites


More and more, customers are using mobile devices to view information about your business. Some of our clients are reporting up to 40% of their website visitors are on mobile phones – that’s a huge percentage! Which is why Google is adapting its algorithms to include these types of usage patterns.

Whether it’s through a social media app or using a browser to access your website, if your business is not easy to find you or it’s difficult to access information, you could lose that customer. Starting April 21, Google is including mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in its algorithm – which means if you have a mobile-friendly site, you’re likely to be better ranked in search engine results.

In addition to optimizing your search engine results with a mobile-friendly site, your customers will have a better overall experience. You only have a few short seconds to capture someone’s attention, and if the site is difficult to navigate or isn’t functioning properly – well, they leave.

The good news is if you do it right, the longer a customer stays on your website the less likely they are to leave the site. When we build your website, our goal is to get them there efficiently and keep them there for as long as possible with the ultimate goal of capturing customer information for future campaigns. This means more customers and more success!

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