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Join us on Saturday, May 9th for Crawl4Nepal!

We hope to raise funds for the earthquake victims of Nepal. We’re hoping that each brewery/beer bar will put at least one beer on tap that will be your “donation beer” for the day.

We suggest donating to Global Giving, a highly regarded, well-vetted organization creating a fund of over $2.5 million to help with both immediate relief efforts as well as long term relief. Whatever proceeds you make from that beer on Saturday May 9th, please donate it to our donations page. By donating through this link we’ll be able to track how much we’ve all raised together!

The participant with the most donations will get a free ad placed in the June issue of Beer Paper LA thanking them for their support.

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Assets for participants

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Important Links:

Facebook event page:


Donation page (where all donations will be made):


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Printable flyers:

4-UP: PDF (4 flyers on a lettersize page for printing and cutting down – easier for in-house printing)

Single flyer: JPG | PDF

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